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High Frequency Battery Charger


Compact and solidly built high-frequency charger with multifunctional applications. The fact that the BAT 415 is suitable for charging conventional batteries as well as batteries with fixed electrolytes makes it the all-rounder for every car workshop.

The BAT 415 comes with numerous safety features and makes it possible to charge installed batteries without having to worry about damage to the board electronics.

Product features of high-frequency chargers BAT 415

• BAT 415, charging mode for 12 V
• Microprocessor-controlled charge control, suitable for lead-acid batteries of any type (maintenance-free batteries, standard batteries, gel batteries and fleece batteries / AGM)
• Reduced charge time thanks to optimized charge process
• Continuously adjustable, regulated charge current
• Charge on vehicle electrical system
• Floating and backup mode
• Saw tooth preservation charge
• Overcharge protection
• Reverse-polarity protection only allows charging with correct connection
• Protective charge of exhaustive-discharge batteries
• LEDs for system status display
• Temperature switch (warm/cold)
• Comprehensive documentation in 8 languages
• Device for cable storage
• Solid housing

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