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High Frequency Battery Charger


Compact and solid high-frequency charger with versatile application. An "all-rounder" for the workshop, service station, and battery retail outlets. The powerful battery charger is suitable for charging all 12 V- or 24 V- lead-acid batteries, particularly batteries with fixed electrolyte gel batteries or fleece batteries /AGM).

The floating-mode operation of the BAT 490, with intensities of current up to 90 A, stabilizes the vehicle electrical system during diagnosis and reprogramming of control units, this making the device essential in every modern workshop.

Product features of high-frequency charger BAT 490

• Charging mode for 12 V- / 24 V- lead-acid batteries
• Automatic detection of 12 V- or 24 V- System
• Variable charge current intensity in the expert mode (0 – 90 A)
• Shorter charging times due to optimized charging process
• Infinitely variable, regulated charging current
• Charging at vehicle electrical system
• Floating-mode operation and backup mode
• Sawtooth trickle charge
• Protection against polarity inversion, overcharge and short circuits
• Solid housing

Download BAT 490 Brochure