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DL9 - 4082kg Symmetrical 2 Post Hoist

2 Post Vehicle Hoist 4082kg Directlift manufactured by Rotarylift.

Details for DL9 - 4082kg Symmetrical 2 Post Hoist

DL9 2-Post Hoist, comes as a two-post automotive lift designed to give hobbyists and small shop owners more options than ever before. The 4,082kg capacity DL9 features asymmetric arms mounted on symmetric columns. The improved arms and carriages will give users better pickup-point access and allow them to lift either asymmetrically or symmetrically. Features include impact-resistant polymer lift latch covers, internally routed hoses and a padded switch that cuts power when a vehicle reaches maximum height.


  • Commercial grade 
  • Single point lock release 
  • Overhead model 
  • Powder coat finish 
  • 4,082kg. capacity 
  • 143 3/8" tall 
  • Asymmetric arm design 
  • Symmetric post design 
  • Anchor bolts included 
  • Available in Blue color only.


  • Capacity 4,082kg 
  • Overall Height 143 3/8"
  • Inside Column 109" 
  • Maximum Lift Height 76" 
  • Overall Floor Width 131" 
  • Low Arm Height 3 5/8" 



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