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CarbonClean Intake System Detergent MV4 236ml

Motorvac - CarbonClean - MV4 - 400-0031 - Automotive Intake system cleaning detergent and upper engine cleaners -

Details for CarbonClean Intake System Detergent MV4 236ml

Why Clean the Fuel System and Combustion Chamber?

• Carbon deposits inside the Air Intake System can affect the performance of your customer’s vehicle

• These vehicles may have hesitation, rough idling or sluggishness

The MotorVac Solution

MV4 incorporates a foaming action to decarbonize the air intake, plenum, throttle body, intake runners and the intake valves and is applied using the ICS kit or the S-Tool Canister.

• Thoroughly decarbonizes the Air Intake System

• Will not harm seals in the fuel system

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