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MotorVac Cool Smoke HP Leak Checker

Motorvac smoke automotive leak checker.

Details for MotorVac Cool Smoke HP Leak Checker

The Cool Smoke® HP is the next generation of diagnostic leak detection for forced induction gasoline and diesel engines. The Cool Smoke® HP delivers market-leading ease of use, reliability and leak detection. 

  • The Cool Smoke® HP delivers dense smoke across its entire operating range of 3-60 psi unlike competitive products that must reduce smoke output at higher pressures due to limitations in their technologies.
  • Cool Smoke® HP’s advanced 3.5 inch multicolour digital LCD display, integrated software and Bluetooth® capability makes it easier and simpler to use. The system’s software is application compatible and in the future can be controlled  and updated from a mobile device. 
  • The Cool Smoke® HP operates on 12 or 24 volt DC, is not polarity sensitive and draws minimal current. Smoke is produced without heat, making it safer, more reliable and more energy efficient than competitive models.
  • Customer configurable settings include multiple languages and units of measure. 
  • Multiple adapter configurations ensure the ability to connect to any automotive induction system component.

Excellent return on investment.  One service per day will pay for the machine in a few months!

Download Cool Smoke HP Brochure