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Fully Automatic Air Conditioning Service Machine


Details for Fully Automatic Air Conditioning Service Machine

The unit performs all of the following service tasks without the need for manual intervention: Refrigerant recovery, Refrigerant recycling, used oil drain, vacuum and associated leak test, recharge of fresh oil with UV additives and Refrigerant recharge.

In addition to fully automatic service, manual selection of individual service modes is possible for various AC trouble shooting. This ensures flexibility during vehicle AC service.

Perfect air conditioning service for cars and trucks:

The ACS 751 is suitable for fully automatic maintenance and service work on most car and trucks air conditioning system. Integrated vehicle database for cars and trucks ensure quick and easy selection of vehicle AC parameters before start of service.

Service of hybrid and electric vehicles:

Two separate fresh oil circuits make service possible on vehicles with combustion engines as well as hybrid and electric vehicles. The internal technical design ensures no oil contamination during AC service, making it completely reliable for any vehicle with R134a refrigerant.

Key Features

  • SAE J-2788 certification (Euro 4)
  • Fully automatic service procedure
  • Manual selection of individual service mode
  • High performance vacuum pump
  • Refrigerant recovery > 90%; precise recharge;
  • Individual weight scales for Fresh oil, used oil, UV dye and refrigerant
  • Self test before initial start up; timely display of pending maintenance
  • Filter drier lock out after exceeding allowed limits; inline filter directly at hose
  • Service Hybrid/Electric vehicles without oil contamination
  • Integrated vehicle database for cars and trucks
  • Expert oil bottle included as standard
  • New external housing design with Innovative trolley concept
  • Service hatches on either sides for easy access to maintenance parts
  • Simplified maintenance procedure for calibration and other routine maintenance
  • Integrated Printer
  • Integrated standard and extended flushing program
  • Wide range of accessories

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