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Ultrasonic Bath

Ultrasonic bath automotive.

Details for Ultrasonic Bath

If you've been after and  industrial ultrasonic cleaner but have been frightened off by the price, then this is for you! It's massive 100W transducer produces millions of microscopic bubbles that are small enough to penetrate the most microscopic of  crevices, cleaning them thoroughly. Use this cleaner for automotive injectors, jewellery, glasses, circuit boards and more! The unit features a large LED display with real time count down and an easy to operate cleaning duration settings at 5 minute increments.

  • Power supply: 240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Power: 100 Watts
  • Tank capacity: 3L
  • Tank dimensions:  265 (L) x 160(W) x 100(H)mm
  • Unit dimensions:    265 (L) x   160(W) x 245 (H) mm (including lid and basket)
  • Supplied with: 1 x 1.5m  IEC mains lead, 1 x 250(L) x 155 (W) x 90(H)mm stainless steel basket, 1 x stainless steel lid