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SM14L - 6350kg 4 Post Hoist

SM14L 4 Post 6350kg wheel alignment lift manufactured by Rotarylift.

Details for SM14L - 6350kg 4 Post Hoist

SM14L 4 Post Hoist Features

  • Adjustable latch bar ensures the runways are level when resting on the latch bar at any of the multiple locking positions.
  • Molded yoke cap covers that keep debris away from yoke sheaves.
  • Non-welded track to accommodate rolling jacks and drain pans.
  • Dual function sentinel lock system features a patent pending slack cable guide arm that stays 'on guard' to manage the lock latch. In a slack cable situation, the lock system kicks the lock into position. Fewer parts, less opportunity for service issues and more piece of mind.
  • Rotary four-post general service lifts can be equipped with bolt on alignment equipment. All Rotary alignment equipment is fully compatible with the new technology alignment systems on the market today.
  • Controls are mounted on the front column for technician convenience.
  • Rotary power unit located on the front column for more efficient performance.
  • Cylinder under runway eliminates any opportunity for vehicle door or mirror damage.
  • Portable work step is optional on SM and SMO series lifts.
  • Non Skid Surface allows sure grip of tires and a 'sure foot' for technicians standing on the lift.
  • Protective strips on ramp ends eliminate floor gouging.
  • More Rise - A full 1.87 m of rise, the highest in the industry.
  • Movable and replaceable rolling jack stops are made of 'conveyor belt strength' rubber, giving the technician full flexibility to limit the travel of 1 or 2 jacks.
  • Cable inspection port allows a view of 100% length of the cable, an ANSI requirement.
  • Filter / lubricator / regulator for clean, lubricated air which will extend the life of your lift and air powered tools.
  • Automatic ramp chocks engage when the lift is raised. Clearance holes allow the ramp chocks to clear runway bolts with less noise on vehicle approach.

SM14L Model Options

  • Ramp kits for drive-through operation.
  • 3,175 kg capacity rolling jacks are available to free wheels.
  • Optional accessories include work steps, rolling oil pans with splash guards, and more.
  • Available wheelbase ranges from to 4.01m - 7.7m. Available lifting capacities from 4,535 kg - 13,607 kg.
  • Bolt on alignment kits can convert general service lifts into two or four-wheel alignment racks.
  • Optional 45° turning radius gauges make alignments and front end adjustments quick and easy.
  • Open or closed yoke models are available to improve access to vehicle undercarriage.


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