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Geoliner 670 XD Lift AC400

Wheel Aligner - Hofmann Geoliner 670 XD with lift and AC400 Clamps

Details for Geoliner 670 XD Lift AC400

3D Car Wheel Aligner of the New Generation

Wheel aligner for maximum throughput.  High-resolution imaging technology delivers speed and accuracy.

Key Features

  • Accurate and repeatable measurements
  • Small and lightweight single-plane targets (XD)
  • Universal wheel clamps (AC100) with rim clamping range 11" - 22"
  • Alternatively self-centring AC400 quick wheel clamps:
    - secure and consistent attachment owing to clutch limited clamping force
    - securely attach the tyre without contacting the rim
    - large, comfortable handle allows ergonomic use
    - durable and lightweight magnesium construction
    - tyre diameter range 19" - 39"
  • Productivity-enhancing software Pro42 GOLD: a high-resolution ICON-based software program designed to provide simple and effective use of information required by the technician
  • Measurement of toe, camber, caster, maximum steering angle, rolling radius and cross diagonal
  • A-arm and cradle adjust
  • EZ Toe for easy and convenient adjustment at maximum steering angle
  • EZ Access for measurement with demounted wheels
  • Moveable camera beam with two high-resolution XD cameras
  • 22“ flat-screen monitor 
  • High-end control terminal with printer drawer and compartment for PC


Toe-out on turns Yes
Camber at zero toe (front axle) Yes
Vehicle dimensions live Yes
SAI increased Yes
RollingRadius / Tyre diameter Yes
Toe curve change Yes
Steering angle max. Yes
Track width (mm) 1219 - 2438
Wheel base (mm) 2007 - 4572
Ride height modified vehicle specs Yes
FrameCheck - light-truck frame angle Yes
Caster, camber, toe turntable live Yes
Caster, camber, toe increased live Yes
EZ Toe Yes
A-arm adjust Yes
Cradle adjust Yes
Drag link adjust Yes
Single tie rod adjust Yes
Rear shims Yes
Display 22" TFT
Data transmission type Cordless
Measuring system 3D
Clamping range of wheel clamps (Inch) 11 - 22 / 19 - 39
Power supply 230VAC 1ph 50/60 Hz

Hofmann also offers a wide range of special accessories for the Geoliner 670 XD.


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