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VE Commodore Sedan/Ute ABS Issue - L/H/R Wheel Speed Sensor

Possible DTC's - C0045, C1209, C1227, C1234

Symptoms - Intermittent MIL/ABS light on - ABS inactive

We receive a number of calls relating to the above fault codes on VE Commodores, more commonly utes. One of the common problems is the harness can become worn/damaged as the suspension travels up and down. A replacement harness is required to fix the problem

Catalytic Converter Efficiency Testing

Tools recommended for Catalytic Converter diagnosis include an oscilloscope/graphing multimeter, infrared thermometer, scantool and gas analyser.

Carman Scan Oscilloscope Use

In this issue we hope we can give you, our customers, some of the basic information on how to use the oscilloscope feature on most Carman diagnostic scan tools.